102.75% of Trading Account value in the Amount field - bug 🤔

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I decided to sell all xBTC I had in my Traiding Account. Currently it is 0.99997 xBTC
I selected a ‘Market Price’ type order and used the slider to determine the percentage amount of xBTC I want to use in this transaction.
I moved the slider all the way to the right, with the intention of selecting a value of 100%
By this time, a value appeared in the window that exceeded the xBTC balance in my ‘Traiding account’. A message also autmatically appeared: ‘Insufficient Balance’
I wonder why Alex Orderbook, at the end of the percentage scale value, takes 102.75% of the value of my ‘Trading account’

Google Chrome (version): 106.0.5249.62


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Thanks for the feedback. We will look into the details.

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Ok, thanks Cryptonian :+1::slightly_smiling_face: