A little bit more transactions, pls :-)

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We need more transactions on Orderbook for tests, especially on pair ALEX/XUSD and STX/xUSD, I guess :slight_smile:
So, let’s trade :+1:


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Let’s sell some STX, pls


Only 2 offers left on this side of Orderbook, and we need more for liguidity and for tests, I guess :thinking:

we still don’t have enough entered trades on Orderbook, especially on the STX-USD pair.

Without more orders, we will not test a very important aspect of the platform - performance.
So, I invite you to get to your keyboards and test together.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I am afraid that in this way we will not test the basic functionality of Orderbook. :thinking:

A test for one day or just one buy/sell order is, as you can see, far too little… :worried:

we still need more orders for Orderbook, I guess.
That’s why I still encourage you to trade, especially on the STX/xUSD pair.
Thanks for your attention and let’s trade :slight_smile:

The bot trading is on for test purpose.

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Very good idea :+1:
Maybe it would be a good idea to implement this solution on mainnet as well :thinking: