About alex Bridge

Greetings to all.

I have conducted a successful test of transferring funds from Stacks to Ethereum without encountering any issues or errors. I am now awaiting the receipt of funds in Ethereum.

Update: The transfer of funds from Ethereum to Stacks was also successful.

I recommend adding a Bridge section to the Notify tab (ALEX Lab 6) and displaying the transaction history there.

For the initial interaction when transferring from Ethereum to Stacks, it would be helpful to display a message regarding the approval of spending limits for the sUSDT token in the ERC20 network. Currently, a pop-up opens to confirm the transaction, but users must first approve the limit before proceeding with the transaction.

It would also be beneficial to add names for the functions when withdrawing funds in the contract on the Ethereum network. At present, only the address of the contract is displayed in the Method.

When selecting to transfer from Ethereum to Stacks, the default “Time to wrap” is displayed as 8 blocks, but the transaction confirmation pop-up menu displays 5 minutes. See screenshots (1) and (2) for reference.


Stacks address: ST25XVDJ5QF8WX430H67S210E76747K5F9Q3DDD37