Account Settings Issues

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Issue 1: Clicking the Tool icon brought below crashing type error screens. Inconsistent error as it didn’t appear all the time

Issue 2: The account settings page which appears when user clicks the tool icon is not checking whether user has entered actual email ID in its format. In my case, I have just entered some some text in the email field without even using ‘@’ or ‘.com’. It was just some text like ‘frsdt’. Then I clicked Saved. Ideally, ‘Save’ button should not get enabled till user has input a proper email format. But despite being entering wrong format email ID, the data was saved.

Issue 3: I have intentionally saved wrong details in Account Settings. Now when I re-click the icon, its not opening again. I had to manually refresh the page and then try again for the screen to open up again. This is a consistent error and I have to refresh the page every time to get the page opened from the Tool icon. (Observed that this happened only when the account is Unverified by the user. After verification, this didn’t occur)
Recording : bandicam 2022-10-07 22-41-38-066.mp4 - Google Drive

Issue 4: When user opens the Account setting page and then delete the unregistered account’s email address which user gave last time, still system allows user to trigger verification process by requesting verification email. In my example, the email address field was blank as user deleted the entry. But still system allowed user to trigger email request.

Issue 5: 11. When I verified my account from my email address, nothing really happens in the navigating screen. At least the landing screen where Email verification happens should say as a notification that ‘Your email address has been verified’

Issue 6: I had verified my email address once. Not sure why I am allowed to modify the details again. I can freely change it now and enter anything. It still says email verified as in below screenshot. Ideally, once email is verified, I don’t think user should be allowed to modify it. If you are allowing to modify or edit the email address, then this should go for a re-verification process.

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Generally speaking, we haven’t got time to optimize the account setting part.
It is not required to register an account with your email to use the Orderbook. We have this account setting feature due to communication purposes, this is how we can notify users of the transaction status, etc. In case they forgot they still hold some open orders.
It is rated at lower priority at the moment.

A big thx for pointing out the account setting issues anyway.