Alex beta bridge feedback & suggestion

Feedback : Bridge, farm, stake and swap all these features work well. It’s just that sometimes the transaction really takes longer than the estimated time (example: the estimated time for the sUSDT wrap was in 33 minutes, but it turned out to be completed in almost 1 hour) and I suggest using a high gas fee.

Suggestions: Please make the transaction process even faster, people prefer that kind of thing!

Stacks test address : { ST1DMM6XRRSHPSXRN501W7AP1HSE7DSWHRQGG53FC }

eth test address : { 0xeB3E169c5B2afdd5D17ff462f97006594c372129 }

Discord : Megumiin | Galoswap#1750
Telegram : @HunterDrops7

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