Alex Bridge Bugs and Suggestions

  • Problem : from the picture that I sent, there are 4 transactions, 2 of which have been completed, and 2 have not been completed, and they are not sequential
  • Result : can lose assets, and the team needs to review, and manual to return the assets, so it will take a lot of manpower, and people will be uncomfortable with it, then the problem of time with the transaction, it’s very long.
  • Soltioun : you need to review these problems so that everything happens automatically, and minimize asset loss, and you need to speed up transactions to make them more comfortable.
  • Summary: everything is good enough, there are only a few issues that need to be fixed to make it better, and the time needed for transactions, (ALSO YOU SHOULD HAVE SOMETHING MORE SPECIAL THAN THE OTHERS) I trust the team that you are working hard on it, KEEP THE SPIRIT!
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