Alex Bridge - Feedback and Request Upgrade UI/UX or other menu

Previously I wanted to provide additional feedback after I used this ALEX Bridge. To be honest, I didn’t experience many problems other than the long transaction time from Stacks to Ethereum. (But we know this is not a constraint from ALEX Labs, but from the Stacks network itself)

I just want to give a suggestion on the appearance of this ALEX Bridge website. After I did the Bridge from Stacks to Ethereum, in the history section I saw my transaction showing success status. But on the Ethereum USDT Balance side I don’t see an “update” from my USDT there. So I have to do a manual refresh to be able to see my balance.

Need to improve like UI/UX or other menu. I believe in the dev and team behind all of this! warm greetings from me.


Eth test adress:{0xBA3382FDCbdc32A4bcc8811517913AE2D354CB86}