ALEX BRIDGE is need Faster

Thank you, I’m on the list to test this testnet.

I will give some feedback
For the UI itself, in my opinion, it is very modern, the combination of black and blue plus a white font is very good in my opinion.

and for ux to be honest I’m a bit uncomfortable with slow web loading during the bridging process and in my opinion this is a problem for all web3 which must be fixed immediately, because with a slow web it makes users uncomfortable.

and for the bridge process everything went smoothly there were no problems in the trial experience, although in my opinion the bridge process is somewhat long but still fast for some competitors, and for future hopes for the bridge hopefully it can process faster in under 1 minute it will be all the better for this project.

I hope the alexbridge project on the stack chain network will be better than other projects.

Stacks address:{ST2E811E6V8HTMEPM48H947ANAXWWN1P5YJRAGKXA}