Alex bridge tesnet feedback- ALEX LAB

Stack address ST39VV6Y13B2NG62GG5M9J6QCEVNVKJ2F0ZKTN1Z8

Metamaks address 0x4AF4f839b75d037f5F371eD9797Df6c1f407Daaa

this is very good, it’s just that slow wallet confirmations often occur, so we don’t know how many bridges we’ve done

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Good day, my hiro wallet is not displaying my testnet tokens and also it not letting me add AlexTestNet to it, but the bridge is displaying my testnet tokens whenever i connect to it, kindly help me out

Swap was smooth and bridging was fast
With user friendly interface
Would expect more features if possible

Stacks address: { STG885W6GW17CVWHXR48RMED8M7DY9TH5MR3AH19}

Swap was slow but smooth, User experience was very friendly,