ALEX Bridge Tested Feedback And Suggestions

Descriptions: {
App. :
Kiwi v. 111.0.5563.104 (pict 1)
Mises v. 423031712 (pict 2)

Status. : Tested
Feedback and some idea :

  • I’ve done ordering and sign the wallet. The balance is still same, may it’s take time to transferring. I just want to suggest you when the user already sign the wallet can you decrease the balance, it’s more look fast process I think. (Pict 1)
  • second time I test, I try to make more order in short time and quick. I’ve tried about 20 order, but only 11 order has process. I think it’s delay, but after waiting no more order processing. (Pict 2)

Overall it’s a great project, what you need to be improve is the PROCESSING. And about UI it’s friendly, it’s easy to know where is button to connect wallet. But I don’t know where is the SLIPAGE BUTTON. Lightning animation is great, can you put some for your logo on the left top?


Pict 2 on comment

Discord ID: {Norton999#3964}
Telegram ID: {@Norton_999}

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