ALEX Bridge Testing 04/2023 - Desktop |windows

I’m so happy to trying all features in this website and used this features is a great experience to be one of the people to try this!

All features are interesting and there are some things that make me excited, like:

  1. UI is elegant, nice color combinations and responsive.
  2. Execution transaction is smooth
  3. The beginner can use it easily
  4. All features can be worked properly without interruption
    5,SWAP, POOL, STAKE, FARM, BRIDGE features all function properly and smoothly without the slightest problem
    Stacks Address : ST1SAGBHK4Y4N65CAX73TRSPSATGT807XJQR0CV7V

Bridge to EVM Address : 0x0084097e1ddee3aea0c6fbc8d381577ab6a5f0b0