ALEX Bridge testnet appreciation message

I’m so happy to have tried and used the bridge… what a great experience to be one of the people to try this! Did it same day testnet was up and running, made my feedback post here but too bad i can’t find my account and my post… But nevertheless… I really enjoyed the testnet regardless of the slow response of the bridge

we hope what happens here will be a success on mainnet and all the hard working team i really appreciate your work

Hiro testnet: ST8SYERDQAH3S8G192X5CQMCY920N6H3FTRBA7E8

Hiro mainnet: SP8SYERDQAH3S8G192X5CQMCY920N6H3FRXA125A

Metamask: 0xE3B9C4B3D23FcE4FC32ae90B3B728F996E3dc076