Alex Bridge Testnet (Feedback by CryptoPanter)

Stacks address: {ST3MKY6MD2T2KG6ZG8YW1726FVD1WX4GS5ZMH86X3}
Etherium address: {0x42f095Aa9Cb0929fF2a0c69B322ACAa311F7Ea9f}

1st) When you want to submit a bridge transaction/swap it opens up both wallets , Xverse and Hiro! in this case my choice was Xverse but opening up both wallets is confusing and makes you close one of them (I only connected Xverse!)
2nd) In my case I submitted 10$ for bridge swap and the platform reduce the fee from the sent amount which is NOT common in most platforms! (typically fee should be reduced seperately)

3rd) The Stacks-side tx was confirmed after 5-10 min while it’s taking hourse for final confirmation and landing of tx on Etherium chain. (After hours and it is still under processing)…Some part of the delay is definitely bcuz of Bitcoin chain and normal but the rest should be investigated.
4th) The other things such as platform appearance and menues and website descriptions are good and friendly enough
5th) Also, I don’t see any ticker for sUSDT on Xverse wallet!!