ALEX Bridge Testnet Feedback, smooth

Stacks Test Address : ST2EDSZC06GZBT293BFHJ6B97445HQGCJWYM38NB1
ETH Test Address : 0x111114763659874226785ab7b7dF9E1364Be8332

It is a new and wonderful experience to be one of the people trying your product in this testnet phase. I hope this project can grow and reach its goal by the time the mainnet arrives.

I had no problems trying to bridge from Stacks to Sepolia, nor from Sepolia to Stacks.

Screenshot bridge:

Swap was also smooth and seamless, but for adding liquidity and stake the network confirmation took so long that I got tired of waiting.

Screenshot swap, add liquidity and stake.

The rest is okay and very smooth.


update, now the liquidity and stake additions have been completed.

I will try again all the features on this testnet.