Alex Lab test SWAP, Pool, and Farm

Tesnet detail ;

Stacks testnet address : { ST28W5JYVHR53M5A6F291X76997ZSY3RXS0ZMAW7G }
Eth Sepolia address : { 0x8F32aB9233eD6b8f9B518d4ecae14aD2a7c1C6E9 }
Discord ID : {digi#8176}
Telegram ID : {@Digidagg}

Transaction Swap
Doing swap STX to xBTC, STX to atALEX, xBTC to STX and more,no problem, all ok.

POOL Add and remove : STX/xBTC (Good )

Farm : STX/xBTC , STX/ALEX (Good )

Overall experience is great. But order book feature still error

Thank you for giving the opportunity to participate in this testnet.