Alex Labs Feedback

Hello, I want to give feedback on the website and testnet program that you have created.

I am very happy to participate in this very limited event, because I see very good potential for ALEX LABS. Then about your website it is very good. With a UI design that now looks elegant and simple, it is easy to use and understand, but we know that the STX blockchain has a bit of a delay. transactions compared to other blockchains. That’s not a problem, I hope ALEX LABS can expand to other blockchains and keep the STX Chain. we know it takes time but i hope progress is made,

that’s all I want to say thank you.

My STX address: ST6GBTMRG0QCXK8NC518FFZ7KR409HHPNJG82PQ7 (On alextest network)

My discord username: Bernard |COMMUNITY MANAGE|#8816

Thanks for your feedback