Alex Orderbook Test Guideline


  1. Anyone is welcome to try out the products of the public ALEX Orderbook Testnet.
  2. If you find any bugs or if you feel that some functions/user experiences should get improved, you are encouraged to provide an issue with your feedback on ALEX Governance Forum.
  3. Make sure to include your STX wallet account address with the following format Stacks address:{Insert your wallet address within the braces} at the end of the description of each issue you report.
  4. Only issues with STX wallet address will be accepted .
  5. The team will constantly evaluate reported issues and rate them based on their severity or their value-add.
  6. Once every 10 Cycles, all the participants who have logged feedback and received ratings will split rewards from the Open Testnet reward pool (amount to be announced soon), based on the levels as described in the below table.
  7. Your total rewards earned will be updated on ALEX Governance Forum at a later time with your STX wallet address
  8. Once the ratings are finalized and rewards are calculated, the ALEX team will announce the rewards distribution on Discord Channel.
  9. By participating in the program, you agree to the terms & conditions listed hereby

its need improvement on balance sector
I have made few buy/sell trades end balance is always more than 15 minutes to get appear.

You can go to Trade History, that is listed below the Chart.
The balance will be refreshed only all trade are settled, you can check your trade status there.

i know
i say i have market buy and sell,so for sure trade was settled


another one,
on deposit section
when i try to zoom out the frame to make it better reading,then its always gone,so its can not zoom for me.
i use moblie phone btw.

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The number of xusd in the order does not decrease
It causes the transaction to fail

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Hello good day, I have been approved but I’m not able to deposit to my orderbook trading account, it says u should go to the whitelist website



So I have testnet tokens now but I’m still unable to do any transactions saying I’m low on stx

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Request the website to add Chinese language, I can’t translate it with Google Chrome.