Alex Orderbook Testnet. All transactions associated with my address have been deleted in the explorer


Tested the service for three days.
Today when I logged in found that:

  1. No transaction history
  2. The tokens that I deposited are not displayed
  3. The received ones that remained on the wallet are not displayed
  4. When choosing tokens for swap and / or deposit, the tokens are visible in the amount received from faucet
  5. It is not possible to exchange or put in a deposit due to their absence in the wallet
  6. It is not possible to withdraw from the deposit
  7. In the explorer at STGZGTHT6AHCE7HVGMBRXBS2D3H7H0RV20DWQTZB, only the transaction for obtaining test tokens is visible

Discord ID: Ren_Nu#8543
Telegram: @ren_nu

Thanks for the feedback. We will take it into consideration.

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