Alex platform suggestions

Eth(Georli ADDRESS ) : 0x65f586233a1FcA62e4Ef74A7a10f4c4325A95734

DESCRIPTIONS: Firstly i must commend the team for a good job well done, you guys did a lot here, i do appreciate. I will list the following experience i got while interacting and my little suggestions below:

  • Bridging to seoplia (Eth usdt) shows transaction sucessful but does not reflect on the
    balance of seoplia, i kept on refreshing still nothing, i do think the fees on bridging is quite
    much, would good to be reduced a little, i got charged 35 usdt for transacting.

  • Getting quotes on wallet takes too long to popup for confirmation, i think something should
    be done to enhance it(Popup faster), we got a good product already here.

  • On staking, i noticed APR for long durations are still same with short duration stakes, i feel it
    will be better short stakes APR get reduced to encourage long-term habits in the users, also
    more options should be made on the staking mode like a week etc to encourage flexibility


Discord ID: joee#9214
Telegram ID: @desvater 1806199719