ALEX Report - JUNE 2022

Here are all known notable events, features/changes, and updates from the month of June 2022

:one: STX/MIA and STX/NYC trading pair went live on block height 62,876.

:two: Co-Farm with ALEX went live! Read the full details on Co-Farm here :point_right: Co-Farming with ALEX. We are introducing “Co-Farming with… | by alexGo.btc | ALEX DeFi | Jun, 2022 | Medium

:three: 2nd Lockdrop snapshot taken!

:four: Borrow & Lend has just gone live on ALEX! The very first Borrow & Lend will CRP enabled! Read full details: Introducing Lend & Borrow. Through lend/borrow ALEX is… | by alexGo.btc | ALEX DeFi | Jun, 2022 | Medium

:five: ALEX Lottery has gone live on Block 66,551! Read the full detail here: The ALEX Lottery. To add a bit more fun to every reward… | by alexGo.btc | ALEX DeFi | Jul, 2022 | Medium
Or, Try your luck here: ALEX Lab

:point_down: Some press & media shoutouts from June! :point_down:

Realvision: ALEX and the Future of Finance | Real Vision

Spotify: ALEX AND THE FUTURE OF FINANCE16. What is DEFI on Bitcoin? | Chiente Hsu Phd, CEO of ALEX - AIRDROP | Podcast on Spotify

XVerse tutorial with ALEX: Bitcoin dApps you can access through Xverse wallet in-app browser — part 1: ALEX | by Xverse Wallet | Jun, 2022 | Medium