ALEX Report - MAY 2022

Here are all known notable events, features/changes and updates from the month of May 2022

:one: Featured on big news outlets and podcasts (View all list here): Discord +

:two: The launch of xUSD: $xUSD - ALEX Lab Foundation

:three: ALEX^2 details announced: ALEX2: Roadmap to the Bitcoin Economy | by alexGo.btc | ALEX DeFi | May, 2022 | Medium

:four: The first-ever APower allocation to autoALEX holders!

:five: ALEX CRP Simulator goes Live: ALEX Lab

:six: The ALEX Governance Forum goes Live:

:seven: OKX Venture announced AMA event with ALEX:

:eight: We had NYC vs Miami Step competition together from May 15th till May 31st on #:walking_man:│team-miami & #:walking_man:│team-nyc in Discourd

:nine: ALEX now works on Mozilla Firefox too.

:point_down: Some press & media shoutouts from May! :point_down:

Kitco news: Bitcoin's utility just expanded; Can blockchain banks be the next Goldman Sachs? Chiente Hsu - YouTube (463K Subs)

Bloomberg Radio (from 21st minute): ‎Bloomberg Businessweek: Elon Musk Sows Doubt Over His Twitter Takeover on Apple Podcasts

Fortune: Crypto contagion? What Terra's ‘Lehman Bros’ moment means for markets | Fortune

Bloomberg Article: Bloomberg - ALEX