Alex Testnet Bridge Feedback and Bug and suggestions


I tried the bridge again, maybe earlier because of network problems, but it’s still the same, the bridge takes more than an hour.

Bug :

  • Usdt sepolia balance not showing when I try to swap back to Hiro

Ui :
-I think the UI is good, just add a brighter color
Metamask adress : 0x183A27Efd81ebead9e30bd087F2bA5125461e533 Testnet Alex Adress : ST1HK51PX8MG8EBRP8NF5YHWV4F80M0NGFRTZP70R Stack mainnet Adress :SP1HK51PX8MG8EBRP8NF5YHWV4F80M0NGFRHGTBQV