ALEX testnet experience v2.0

I’ll start first with the problem with xverse wallet testnet option… default STX NODE in xverse is but already been solve and change to this… second is after making transactions and clicking “link to explorer” transaction doesnt appear instantly and you need to refresh the page again before the transaction appears in hiro explorer.

Tested everything from farming, swap, adding liquidity and staking and everything went smooth. bridging from xverse to Metamask vice versa takes a longer time which is understandable but besides that all is smooth aswell. double clicking wallet balance will make your all balances appear , maybe write an info/i in wallet so many users can easily use this features.

Overall, I think the platform is 99% ready to be deployed in mainet. kudos to the team for making it easier for us testnet testers to use the platform…



Discord: 5BTC#5892

Telegram: @upupdowndwonleftrightleftright