Alex testnet feedback 2023

from the user interface, I think it is very easy to understand and the use of colours is also interesting.
but there are some things that are disturbing such as the placement of elements that are not in place and the use of very bad fonts, therefore it seems that it would be more interesting if it was improved by using fonts that fit the theme and the use of elements that fit the place.
The swap, pool, farm, stake processes all went normally and smoothly. it’s just that when doing the Bridge the process is a bit longer but it all worked out in the end.

Address testnet
SEPOLIA : 0x5306a81d9E097d1a8a457563169DDcA8953C87fA


The swaps, bridges, pool and other transactions I did were smooth and didn’t waste time. I also like the choice of colour for the website however fonts should be improved on, I suggest words like POOL, BRIDGE, SWAP and the rest should be written in very bold form. Apart from that I enjoyed making transactions as no bug was encountered.
Wallet address: {ST1QRYM64125015SAWG4RWXPKCN6SADR4QPH5EWDK}

Mainnet address: {SP1QRYM64125015SAWG4RWXPKCN6SADR4QNRRR6YM}

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