Alex testnet feedback and suggestion

i have tried all the future

transaction bridge, swap, staking, liquidy etc. executed quickly but it look a long time to appear in my account. the feature on the website are very complete.

bug :
i found a bug. the website is very slow respon and error. after i did the USDT sepolia to USDT STX bridge.

suggestion :

  1. please add multiple languange on the website
  2. accelerate transaction bridge, staking, swap and other.
  3. fix website respon.
  4. you should add a date option to view transaction history

stack addres testnet : ST1XDMEAP1JWSR8FQA8RVXZH1M16B56XSG7JTTBM6

stack addres mainnet : SP1XDMEAP1JWSR8FQA8RVXZH1M16B56XSG7V99Z4R

metamask addres : 0x92953ff4fA86d9D10b2f30245075F0D42A83C269