Alex Testnet Feedback featuring BUGS

Firstly, it took me over an hour to connect my meta mask to perform the bridge. I had to restart my PC several times and I just gave it a break and chilled for a while before it could connect.

When Bridging from SUSDT to USDT I faced a problem when trying to confirm the transaction, it took some time and a message later popped up " Unable to broadcast transaction" as seen in the image attached. I tried again the second time and it went through. I didn’t see my confirmed bridge transactions in the notifications but it was successful when I checked explorer.testnet.alexlab

Another bug I noticed was on swap but I didn’t notice it immediately, it was only when I went to view the completed transactions that I noticed the swap from xBTC to atAlex failed. as seen in the attached image. my worry was that it didn’t notify me when it failed.

Other than those few bugs outlined above, I had an ok experience testing AlexLab, Has a nice interface and is easy to use

Evm Address {0x677204951Eca5A8FbC7A7e9335a8bBdf9595B509}
Tested on: Chrome browser (windows11)