Alex testnet issue,feedback $ suggestion


UI display is smooth and transaction is normal but a bit long and sometimes the balance it’s not showing in WEB balance after BUY LIMIT in ORDERBOOK and waitting 10minutes and try refresh. i think it’s bug from UI, hope this problem can be fixed before mainet.
And also Try swap 5 STX to ALEX but TX Failed.
Notice :

This transaction would have succeeded, but was rolled back by a supplied post-condition

Sugest for UI Use common categories of services offered and dropdown menu’s for details services instead. For example like Binance.
Please Add Menu :

  • POOL
  • FARM

Stacks address testnet:{ST35DWTME0E08BB4674MZWT6ZNTPDJ5XZNS6W224C}
Stacks address mainnet:{SP35DWTME0E08BB4674MZWT6ZNTPDJ5XZNT0JQAZ8}


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Nice job
This issue is confusing

The post condition is due to wrong testnet setting, pls follow the settings guide on orderbook page and refresh the page.
This is for the ALEX Orderbook test only, swap, staking and yield farming features are LIVE now on main net.
Thanks for your feedback.