Alexbridge & sugest

first I thank you for the invitation to try.
impressed and good I like the features offered by the team, as a user I feel very comfortable and confident that this project can reach the expected point together!

my advice

  1. i am really looking forward in the future to be able to connect to all evm blockchains.

2.I hope there are other assets that I can bridge. I want to explore it more. like btc bridged to etherium network

3.I want to be able to bridge 25%, 50%, or 75% of my assets I wish there was a feature like that. I’m sure it can help beginners.not only max

That is all from me Once again I thank you.

My hiro wallet : ST1P229MAXBS1CW495VXCV85ZN9Q2CQT40Q2YFXQP

My evm wallet :