AlexBridge's testimony

Apart from the long transaction (complaints from many users), there are actually not that many difficulties. I personally find this project very good. Like notifications that are directly connected to Telegram which makes it easy for users to find out the transactions they are making.

I want to advise especially in displays. First, in the bridge destination section there is no arrow tab to select the destination token. I know this is a bridge, I think later it can function to find out other assets that have completed transactions without having to press the arrow tab on the first network.

Second, for the display of transaction routes, it seems that it is not really needed to be displayed in the main layout. My suggestion, the route display can be moved under transaction confirmation. The reason I suggest this is the transaction history has a very clear written flow and if it looks like that I think it is less effective.

Again of course it’s just a suggestion. Despite the advice I wrote, I believe AlexLab is a project that will be the choice of many. Happy!

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