Alexlab Bridge Feedback & Bug

Overall, I really like the ALEX project and hope the team can fix the existing issues and make the project even bigger.

Here is a summary of the feedback provided:

  1. The issue I faced is still related to the bridging speed on both ends, taking longer than usual. I hope the team can fix the bridging speed because without speed, a bridge is not worth using.
  2. The user interface is simple and easy to understand and navigate.
  3. The wallet connection is quick and transactions are successfully authorized, although transaction time is longer than the displayed delay time.
  4. The fees are very cheap and it can be used quickly on both Hiro and Metamask wallets when executing transactions.
  5. Bridging takes quite a long time and is time-consuming, it is expected to be faster on mainnet deployment.


  1. There is a minor UI/UX issue on the navigation scroll, which should be removed as it is uncomfortable to look at. You can see it in image.

Address STX

Address Metamask 0x5A8C02a5896F4A19bDfDf344E7eDaeB6B2070f81