Alexlab Bridge Testingg

There have been a lot of projects that I have done bridge transactions in the blockchain world. It is of course the job of us to make a comparison between them, I am satisfied with the alex bridge process, especially it has a very useful and beautiful interface, the minuses are definitely fee fees, I hope we will encounter lower fee fees on the mainnet.

In terms of speed, of course, it may take some time to send to evm projects, I can understand this, but alexlab has a good team, I think they will definitely make progress in terms of speed. In summary, I liked the platform, it’s useful, it’s simple, and it’s a platform where even a user who doesn’t understand the bridge business can easily trade, this is a very important point, I gave the second important part minus the fee fees, of course, I’m sure they will fix it, thank you and congratulations.

Hiro wallet stacks adress: STDMEBRYDBAMHMDKPDF01SQCZ019FWQK0W4E416S
EVM wallet adress: 0x1333f08fAFeBbF3A4e5498941B12793311B0511D