AlexOrderbook Tesnet Feedback

Stack Addres : Main net : SP1Z02BNZBV0YCZHVH75ANPDM3Y618S362Y4ZWXBA

Descriptionr : Awesome project i have tried all the features. I hope this project can be better when
mainnet arrives. need to improve like UI/UX or other menus. I believe in the dev and team
behind all this! warm greetings from me.

Discord ID : M1racle-#4173

Telegram ID : @JONALWAYS

Orderbook Feature
-i have bought alex, but my alex balance is not increasing even though my balance has decreased and my order has also been executed. i have refreshed it several times, but my alex balance is not increasing.
-this feature requires manual refresh so that the balance on the website is updated. and when it has been refreshed it still takes time for the balance on the website to be updated.
-you can add MA, EMA, BOLL, VOL, RSI, KDJ indicators.

My Testnet Address : STXKP0K5759YDET7NT43QYK8RC7MS973YBWMKMNJ
My Mainnet Address : SPXKP0K5759YDET7NT43QYK8RC7MS973YBSYS226
Discord : Chaantika#7447
Telegram : @L0S3MU4K0NT0LANJ1NG

If You want see full feedback with video, you can see here : Discord

Thanks for the feedback.