Alextesnet Feedback

After trying continuously finally succeeded in solving the obstacles faced. I also thank the team and colleagues who provided direction to complete this beta test. as for some feedback that I can give to the team so that all the problems faced by users can be fixed as soon as possible so as to provide comfort for the user, i hope can try orderbook features after fixed, and for the ui/ux display I am very happy with the color combination between navy blue, purple, and grey which has a perfect and comfortable combination for my eyes and I hope when the mainnet launch there will be a shine mode feature added. That is all and thank you

Stacks address : ST3HW5D2TB1F0EKP4770HT759EY0GW2NWGHQB89GB

Metamask address : 0x9F1e078C2FB667f92B436cE5bF1f70f88D341fF4