All Feature Feedback and Bug for Alex Testnet

My FeedBack ABout Alex Testnet

  • The UI is very simple, and very easy on the eyes
  • This website needs a feature to turn Dark Mode into light mode. So that users can adjust to their needs
  • the menu button feature that opens immediately when the cursor is hovered over, that’s not good in my opinion. because when the cursor presses the menu button, the menu feature will be closed, this will make it difficult for users who are not familiar with this
    -You can add multiple languages, so that everyone who is not fluent in English can understand.
    -You can add a Help Center or FAQ (Frequently asked questions) feature on your website.
    -You can add feature requests to receive feedback from users as well as feature requests from users.
    -on the notify feature it should be renamed to history, because that feature mostly covers transaction history and not system notifications.

Swap Feature
-you should add an alert when the slippage setting is at a certain limit
+Swap feature runs very nice and smooth
-Maybe in the future you can add pools, staking, etc.

Orderbook Feature
-i have bought alex, but my ale balance is not increasing even though my balance has decreased and my order has also been executed. i have refreshed it several times, but my alex balance is not increasing.
-this feature requires manual refresh so that the balance on the website is updated. and when it has been refreshed it still takes time for the balance on the website to be updated.
-you can add MA, EMA, BOLL, VOL, RSI, KDJ indicators.

That’s my feedback for Alex testnet. If there is a mistake, I apologize

My Testnet Address : STXKP0K5759YDET7NT43QYK8RC7MS973YBWMKMNJ
My Mainnet Address : SPXKP0K5759YDET7NT43QYK8RC7MS973YBSYS226
My Discord : Chaantika#7447
My Telegram : @L0S3MU4K0NT0LANJ1NG

I can’t send video’s here, if you want to see full feed back, you can check here Discord

The balance would be refreshed when the trade is settled. You can check the Trade History for trade details. If the status is still settling, you need to wait until the settling is complete.
stake and farm functions are live now at mainnet