All Task Done very smoothly 👍☺️

Feedback : Best project ever, I am very happy to be participating in this project☺️. I hope this project will gain more popularity in the future.

Bug : nothing bug, features run smoothly, no eror issues at all. :+1::heart:

Stacks address testnet : {STGJMJNV3QG0DVQJ4NXFQER5VC1J9Y9FVT1NVQBM}

Stacks address mainnet :{SPGJMJNV3QG0DVQJ4NXFQER5VC1J9Y9FVSBXJ0BH}

Metamask address :{ 0xB670060AcB9f70B0D55e07F76BD98Ff823E2A4B1}

My social media :

Twitter ID :{@Adicool06746087}
Gmail ID :{}
Discord ID :{sepibenerman#2595}
Telegram ID :{@adicool2}
Browser : mises browser