Am i Missing something?

After doing everything on the testnet, my Hiro mainnet wallet balance remains zero. Hope I’m not doing anything wrong

Strange thing :-? Maybe check out the activities on Hiro wallet on mainnet (Activity tab).
By clicking on a specific transaction, you can go to and see the details there. But you surely know it? :slight_smile:


Activity is showing zero.

May i add that i used Alex test network for the testnets. Checked now and the Alextest testnet network i added and used for the testnet is removed.

How can i add it back pls?

To set up testnet again, at the beginning choose option ‘Select Network’, and then ‘Add a network’ and just use this settings:
Name: alextest
Key: alextest
The guide below
ALEX2 Orderbook: Testnet Guide. The ALEX Lab Foundation is launching… | by alexGo.btc | ALEX DeFi | Aug, 2022 | Medium

Good luck :+1:

Follow Mike’s tutorial and you can set your hiro wallet right:)

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