Are you guys find any issue?

Im just tryng separating bridge , all was smooth for now :v:
as u can see just testing warp n unwarp from sepolia - stack stack-sepolia , so far didnt facing any issue
ui was good and detailed (tx,time all was visible)

stack address : ST388QBX1YM872M70J9WDJPDA392609H7Y3Q2ZAW9

mm address : 0x144F510bba83B92C73F1656Fb8f1Fcce3AC77a0f

Discord: nemik#6444

Gonna update more soon , enjoy testing and hunting bug :v:


keep it up .

team might consider more bugs finder and valid suggestion provider for rewards than sharing normal bridge activity.


same bro so fast n smoot ui

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@mahesh yes bro i know , im just sharing my activity
gonna update more soon :v:


Still didnt find any issue :sweat_smile: , all testnet feature going smooth

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hmm just slow bridge timee haha