Brave Browser Experience & Feedback Testnet

First thing easily to use but have some problem with time/estimated. UI So clean, UX easy to tracking everything on site.
Got some trouble in SWAP and FARM menu that doesn’t show (Using Brave Browser as Main Browser) then force me to switch to chrome and problem solved, maybe because Brave Shield.

Browser : Brave Browser
Mainnet : SPV91173VPN113SKTKRBA5G0213DTH4EK47JP2ES
Testnet : STV91173VPN113SKTKRBA5G0213DTH4EK6J6G239
Metamask : 0x3b6F4f5aC4306B8FDC920cd4296512BfF194F82B

Twitter : @Cretaceous__
Discord : Yx2#8127