Bridge and Feedback

My personal experience while visiting the testnet and feedback

A. As for the overall features, I feel there are some features that don’t interest me, namely color elements that tend to be less essential in terms of striking black colors

B. Try making a light theme, because some users don’t like dark themes

C. Add a percentage button on the number input menu like 25% 50% 75%
Or add a slide type to speed things up

D. Bridge smooth no any problem just longtime for execution, more than 30 minute for 1 transaction

E. To design quite attractive, pages that help users understand it

F. I am very happy to have tried and used your app/dapps, great experience to be one of the people to try this.

G. This is a series and a good starting capital before later on the mainnet.


Evm address ; 0xFC85a441009D914eD6798e47Dd224C3d6F90DFEd

Discord : galihsaptahadi#6695
Telegram : @Gall92

Browser : mises, Android 11