Bridge and unwrap usdt incomplete and showing error log

First of all, for the explanation of the bridge, it’s very clear. In the medium, I had a problem with the Sepolia faucet because I had to log in using the workspace and it was resolved. Then I tried to unwrap/bridge the USDT stack to the SEpolia USDT. The first bridge was successful, but my USDT on the Sepolia network didn’t log in. I waited 2 hours. an and do the second bridge again but can’t explain there is a swap queue and I click approve then the error log appears I try again the same maybe the team can handle it this is the screen shot
my alextest address ST3KYPT89WCZT5ANCQKYM970X63D5Z8NZQ4PBS456
my metamask address 0x4447E0a889Fa3703b7f91430Df34ad7cAF152187
my stack mainnet address SP3KYPT89WCZT5ANCQKYM970X63D5Z8NZQ49V1TTP
Thank you, the team, the overall appearance of the UI is very good, very elegant

add more picture hope team considered it