Bridge bug something went wrong but the balance is still reduced

Good morning
I don’t know if this is a bug or GK but when I bridge 1010 sUSDT it reaches several bridges, the error still something went wrong but if it’s an error, the balance should be returned, but this is the balance It’s reduced, and I want to swap where there’s no sUSDT in the swap, so the reduced balance can’t come back. And the rest of my bridge is reduced

Stack address {ST1Z580DV29XXP8XGSQV3TQ55N5WP60X65ZCWZ5ZN}

Stack address mainnet {SP1Z580DV29XXP8XGSQV3TQ55N5WP60X65WPSZ47C}

Etherium sepolia address tesnet { 0x2d1c9f0d63855d3f5035b1ea4fe28b8137412aae}

Discord {dede12#2747}


i had same issue bro

waiting for good news from the developer bg