Bridge Feedback - all features

previously allow me to add a little input, when I use ALEX Labs there are no problems or very fatal obstacles, the problem takes a long time to bridge from Stacks to Ethereum, I don’t think it’s ALEX Labs’ fault maybe the Network on Stacks is congested. the proof is that when I bridge from Stacks to Ethereum or from Ethereum to Stacks it only takes 1-5 minutes.

I have used all the features available at ALEX Labs, such as Bridge, Swap, Farm, Add LP and Stake. I didn’t find any problems with all of these features, but there is one feature that I haven’t tried, namely (orderbook(testnet)) the error can’t be opened, maybe there is a slight problem and it’s being fixed by the team.

Overall I enjoy using ALEX Labs, for future updates I hope to improve the features to make it smoother. Thanks to the team for giving me the opportunity to try ALEX Labs, good luck for the future.

Stacks address: {ST2VC4BBEQN8NQ23APF6K6BVM8C4F0ZPYCE28D5KD}