Bridge Feedback for Bugs & Suggestions to Add a New Feature

There are several things that i want to discuss about on ALEX Bridge.

First, it takes a lot of time to Bridge between Stacks to Ethereum (idk if its due to a large people use it or not). It’s about 1 hour more to wait the transaction to finish, but it is faster to Bridge between Ethereum to Stacks.

Second, i meet some of bug in the website when i use it. It is said “Oops, something went wrong. Failed to Fetch” (I can’t give a ss because of the restriction)

I’m sure my internet connection working properly, i hope this would be better in the future.

Last, i can see my Stacks balance on the left side (Stacks). It’s clearly visible how much balance that i spend or left. But i cant see my balance on the right side(Ethereum) and have to check it manually in metamask for make it sure the transaction is successful. I don’t have a problem with the feature, all is smooth but it takes too much time.

Stacks address testnet : ST246J0TQM52TRP9NEN7REKZNMVBA1ZJ56MASFG0B

My Discord : Romirizki#4264

Here’s for the bug one