Bridge Feedback - Request to Update Some Feature (2)

Previously I have provided feedback in this post:
Bridge Feedback - Request to Update Some Feature

Now I’m going to add additional suggestions and share a bit of information about Bridge services.

As we all know, bridge services are highly dependent on the liquidity between the 2 chains. For example, between chains A and B, of course, there must be sufficient liquidity, so that when we bridge, we don’t encounter any problems.

Chain A must show how much liquidity they have, and vice versa. For example, when I am going to bridge from chain A of $1,000 to chain B, of course chain B must have a minimum liquidity of $1,000. Vice versa.

Information on how much liquidity belongs to chain A and chain B must be shown by the Bridge service so that we know whether in conducting transactions we as users don’t have to worry about errors that will occur. Because what is worrying is, when the number of inter-chain bridge transactions increases, of course it will greatly affect inter-chain liquidity.

Therefore, I suggest adding more details about how much liquidity is in the part I marked yellow. Alex Labs Bridge could add some details like Liquiditas and Slipage. Because this will be very, very helpful for bridge users.


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