BRIDGE - Feedback UI/UX and Bugs

-I like ui/ux. it’s simple and easy to use for new users, but some people like light mode and dark mode, I hope you can add those modes.
-For adition, please add FAQ/some information (or usually called “About Us” menu) regarding to your contact person like your project email address, medium, phone number perhaps, group link, and your whitepaper or your project document on the very bottom or very top menu(pict1).
-when I bridge xUSD to USDC with the amount of 777 & 5555 xUSD(pict2), the transaction is successful but the process is long I have been waiting for up to 3 hours(pict3).make sure on the mainet this project can use the best hosting provider!

-the next day the bridge process was successful but why did there become a lot of transactions with a total of 17 transactions(pict4,5,6), even though I only made 2 transactions(pict3) and I had a lot of USDC when it shouldn’t be that much(pict7), I think this is a bugs, hopefully it will be resolved soon so it won’t be very detrimental.Thanks…:slight_smile:

Discord : $JAPP soon#7246

2022-10-21 (6)

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