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Bridge Feedback

Before that, I would like to thank you very much for being chosen as one of the thousands of people who registered and tested this testnet.

Here I will express a little about my experience with the ALEXLAB testnet. From the UI and web point of view it’s pretty good, fresh and not boring like other web bridges. but the one that is of less value and should be repaired is that it takes quite a long time to bridge. It takes 10-30 minutes for one bridge from Stack Chain to ETH sepolia, but if you reverse it from ETH Sepolia to Stack Chain, the time needed is quite fast and short, only 1-5 minutes.

Yes, maybe behind the long time for the bridge there is a fee which is quite cheap for one transaction.

I hope that time can be accelerated so that everyone is satisfied, and the UI is good enough to maintain and improve

Stacks Address : {ST36B917JVFVZ70ZVG7SHKHC9RNPFS25QH5WH88C9}