Bridge issue STx to Sepolia


Stacks address:{ST1W8AX0HY85X036F190PYQS3X2ZN8KQNCMY4PRWJ}

First of all i would like to say that all issues i had summited yesterday are solved by the Alex team . Such a relief and so fast! Awesome work and community treatment! This shows the attitude to the project and to the people are involved to. This is one of a true sign of a very promising future of the project.

Today i was able actually to start testing the system. And here is my feedback report.

Unwrap testing sUSDT (stacks /Allex testnet) to USDT (Metamask\Sepolia)

step 1.


Step 3.

Result: Pop up message “Transaction failed. There is mismatch between your active network and the network you are logged in”

Retried several times. Doesn’t help.
Checked my connected networks all seems okey.
Looking for ways of the problem solving…