Bridge reporting issue, pending transaction and duplicated transaction

Stacks address : ST2VGDE21YSVB0NM57G6S1RAA4BV0HQVR9FG19DCS
Goerli address : 0xc02fBf1D030Ad97b84c1E1A533d37a6A2a1Db2B3
Descriptions : When I tried to bridge xUSD tokens (Stacks) to USDC (Goerli ERC 20) in the amount of 5,000 xUSD I saw that the transaction was successful. However, after waiting for 10 hours, the status of “USDC sent” is still “In progress” and has not become successful. And I see that the order history bridge is duplicated up to 4x, even though I only made 1x transaction.
Screenshot :

Discord ID : BlueEyes#2499
Telegram ID : YaJiHye