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My suggestions for the Alexbridge project are increasing privacy with stronger encryption technologies, adding security features such as two-factor authentication and account monitoring, and improving customer support and platform maintenance. By taking these suggestions into account, Alexbridge can improve the overall user experience and security of the platform.

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from the user interface, I think it is very easy to understand and the use of colours is also interesting.
but there are some things that are disturbing such as the placement of elements that are not in place and the use of very bad fonts, therefore it seems that it would be more interesting if it was improved by using fonts that fit the theme and the use of elements that fit the place.

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Bridge successfully completed without any bugs and not face any error
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Bridge time is too much need to improve.
Stacks address- ST1P8P808MQP0JHS9290W3NCW5F0ZNCTFXS79WSJ8