[BRIDGE]-[TESTING]-[Gas fee] Discussion

The first time I tried the bridge to sepolia, I used the default gas fee (2 STX), and the second time I tried custom and included (5 STX) for the gas fee. it turns out that the default gas fee takes a long time , and it’s been more than 24 hours and the status is still being processed.

Has anyone experienced the same thing as me ?

Here’s a screenshot…

As you can see in the bottom right corner, I don’t know how much longer it will take.

You can check my ALEX testnet address: ST2RNPZT07PK510KQNXJ3K1TY87H48XPF29W5V5E0

And for bridging from sepolia to alextest is smooth, I found no problems. Great :+1:

Discord: DN-SKY#3525
Telegram: @anthonyskuy